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Be a blessing to a mother and baby in need today

Be a blessing to a mother and baby in need todayBe a blessing to a mother and baby in need today

Mom Swaps

What's a Mom Swap?

➔ What's A Mom Swap?

➢ A mom swap is a gathering of mothers who exchange gently used baby or children clothing that their children have outgrown for sizes they need. We provide a safe location for these interactions to take place. It is a great way for children’s clothes to be recycled and given to mothers and children who need them. 

➔ How often are the mom swaps?

➢ We are looking to hold these mom swaps every 2 to 3 months for mothers with children who are newborn to 2 years old and about every 5 to 6 months for our mothers who have older children.

➔ What happens at a mom swap?

➢ During the swap, the moms connect with other moms who have the size clothes they need or are looking to give away. We preregister all moms and match the moms prior to the event.

➢ We provide a safe and public environment for the mothers to exchange clothing and other gently used baby supplies.

➢ We aim to form bonds with the mothers in order to build a relationship and encourage them to participate in other events and services. We also allow the mothers some time to bond with each other. Because like the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

➢ During our swaps, we also let the mothers know what classes we have available and some of the other programs and assistance we have to offer.

➔ Who can register for a mom swap?

➢ Anyone who is a mother, grandmother, aunt, big sister, older cousin, and female guardians.

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